We feel privileged and honored to support our clients on their journey toward making significant change in their businesses and their lives. We are thrilled to share some of their successes with you.

Karen D. Jenkins

Executive, Farmers Insurance

“Before attending the workshop that Natalie facilitated, I wasn’t aware of the areas in my life that I was actually focusing on and doing well, and those that needed some work. Now, I have a clearer picture on what to keep doing and what areas to work on.  After the workshop, I am focusing more on ME!  I’m spending more time on my health and hobbies.”

Doreen Boettcher

Realtor, Keller Williams Exclusive Properties

“Before coaching I was feeling insecure and unsure of myself and my abilities.  I lacked a clear vision on how to go about changing careers. After coaching with Natalie I now have a real sense of what success is and I am achieving it. With her coaching I am able to move beyond negative and fear- based thinking and she has guided me on the steps to take to be successful. Most importantly, I have a newfound confidence that I was clearly lacking before. Now, I am able to help my clients in a much more effective way than before by focusing on their needs and not my own inadequacies.

“Without Natalie’s guidance, wisdom and insight, I would not have taken the steps needed to start a new career in a completely different field.  Not only did she help me make the move to start a new career, she also equipped me with the tools necessary to succeed in real estate.

“If you are at a place in your personal life or in your career and you are seeking guidance on how to move past hindrances and how to live your best life, then Natalie is the perfect person to get you there.  I have and will continue to highly recommend Natalie as a coach. She is able to look at each person as an individual and help them reach their goals. It was through my coaching sessions with Natalie that a major mind-set shift occurred thereby leading to my success.”

Erin Fischer

Senior Executive Assistant, AECOM

“I used to feel a deep struggle with my work/life balance. Attending Natalie’s workshop not only opened my eyes to many different areas for me to focus on, it gave me a sense of relief that I am able to manage my work/life balance with a different approach – and be healthy, happy and successful all at the same time! I leave my office much earlier so I spend more time with family, I’m cooking meals at home instead of eating out, and I’m home while the sun is still out! I also made my health a priority by seeing a nutritionist weekly.  I’m losing weight and have more energy.”

Glen Greenberg

Partner & Director of Field Marketing, Split Nutrition
Partner & Director of Sales, Upside

“When I met Natalie, I was struggling with allocating my time, saying yes to too many things, and not getting my true value among many other things.  I was overwhelmed to the point where I was accomplishing less and less every day and I knew I needed a change.

“After looking back at my goals, the progress I was able to see after only one year was astonishing. I have accomplished over 75% of the goals I set for myself, and they were BIG goals. I have launched two different companies, achieved a new pay rate I didn’t think I was worth, and have set a daily routine that has enabled me to be more efficient at work while still keeping my needs first. I have also balanced my workload so I am able to spend more quality time with my family.

“If you are thinking of getting a business coach you are already ahead of the game. Natalie will help you gain and maintain the drive to better all areas of your life. Sometimes all we need is to be held accountable in order to succeed beyond our wildest dreams.

“Natalie taught me one lesson that I use everyday. I learned the key to communicating with anyone I work with, or come across in the workplace, which in turn makes me stand out as a true leader.

“I am grateful for the honesty and openness Natalie has shared with me. Unlike many other coaches I have had in my life, I can see Natalie is as invested in me as I am in her.”


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